Mastodon Server

Managed Mastodon Hosting
Managed Mastodon Hosting
  • Standard installation of Mastodon
  • Moderate Federation Capacity
  • Up to 100 active users
  • Unlimited CPU cores at 2GHz+ Turbo
  • 40GB SSD server storage
  • 100GB media storage
  • SMTP email support included
  • 250Mbps bandwidth
  • Traffic 4TB
  • 1 IPv4
  • Location - USA
  • Setup time up to 48 business hours
  • Best-effort technical support


Bring your own domain:
You must provide a domain name in the "hostname" field. This will be your Mastodon server domain. You may register a domain here
If you have a website on then your Mastodon installation cannot use that domain.
But you can use a subdomain (examples:, or

10% of profit from this service will be donated to Mastodon gGmbH. and

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